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The #1 request I get from people who order the Double Your Contacts book, is if they can also buy the fast-start training package that goes along with the book.

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Bonus #1 - ($497 VALUE)
The Momentum Machine
(Only Members Who Paid $25k Heard This Presentation)
Sometimes, getting started is the easy part. But staying in momentum? THAT'S the tough part.

In Network-Marketing, one of the biggest challenges is staying in momentum to build enough critical mass that your monthly checks actually make a difference in your lifestyle.

The question becomes: how do you continue to build your business without losing steam?

And how do you break the cycle of continuously trying to restart yourself with little results to show for it?

These are skills that few Network-Marketers have ever been trained on and this requires a completely different skill-set than you're used to...

I'll break down the exact formula you need to rapidly grow your business and KEEP your business in momentum without feeling frustrated or feeling like you keep losing ground.
  •  How to turn yourself into a money-making machine… virtually overnight, without feeling like you have to hustle on no sleep for days...
  • The difference between: the sales cycle and the prospecting cycle and how to harness the power of both to create massive growth in your business.
  • Why leaders build big teams & then fail: and how to avoid THIS mistake when you're building your business from the ground up
  •  The thing that you do better than your teammates and why you MUST stay locked into this skill in order to grow.
  •  How to get your prospect to say "YES"… to giving you all the referrals you can possibly imagine
  •  The easiest way to gain control of the sales interaction so that your prospect feels compelled to give you more names and numbers of hot prospects
  •  The easiest way to close 90% of your new prospects because they are "warm" and ready to buy
Bonus #2 - ($197 VALUE)
How To Set 20 Appointments 
In 20 Days 
(Without Having To 
Cold-Market Prospect)
Have you ever heard that "the best warm market wins" ?

Well, it's true - and in this bonus, I'm going to show you how to add TWENTY new appointments to your calendar, this week!

So how do you do this?

How can you possibly put more appointments on your calendar than you've had in the past 3 months...


This bonus shares how I've helped some of my most successful students rapidly deploy this strategy to fill their calendars with my proprietary RCS formula.
Bonus #3 - ($497 VALUE)
Winning Your Warm Market 
(Even If You THINK You Went Through It, Already)
Look - by this point, everyone's been approached with AT LEAST one Network-Marketing opportunity.

And they've become immune to being pitched.

In this bonus, I'm going to give you some advanced training on how to get around these roadblocks so you can effectively make a powerful presentation and recruit new prospects onto your team.

It's not your fault that other Network-Marketers have screwed this up for you but it's YOUR job to learn how to stop triggering "alarm bells" in the minds of your prospects - because if they smell that you're about to pitch them and try to "get them into something"...

They won't buy.

And you'll blow through your warm market list faster than a tornado bearing down on Oklahoma City.
  •  The buzzwords you must avoid if you want your prospects to actually make it from first contact to your presentation
  •  How to re-wire your prospect's brain to not only accept YOUR Network-Marketing opportunity but to actually get excited about it...even though they've already turned down plenty of other Network-Marketing pitches!
  •  Subliminal warm market prospecting which will allow you to present your business opportunity to your friends & family without worrying about
  • Learn the "killer buzz-words" that you are using that are destroying your chance to get your new business in front of ALL the people on your warm-market List.
  •  How traditional "goal setting" can work against you and actually keep you from your goals!
  •  Why taking "massive action" before you're in alignment with your desires can actually work against you!
  •  How to Nap, Vacation and Relax Yourself To Success...and how it can help you manifest more...with less effort!
  •  Ways to use the "Law of Attraction" to attract success to yourself effortlessly and easily with immense joy on your way to abundance
  •  How to raise your vibration and start manifesting what you want.
  • How to stop attacking success and pushing yourself too hard - and, instead, how to let your goals come to you!
Bonus #4 - ($197 VALUE)
Inner-Game Matrix (How To Hit Your Goals With Ease)
Personal development has certainly changed over the last few decades.

The teachings are the same...

But the human race has EVOLVED.

Our attention span is shorter & fragmented and it's harder than ever to do the old school stuff like sitting down and writing your goals.

Is it any wonder that people think they don't have time for working on themselves?

Is it any wonder that people are sick and tired of being sick and tired without having any change in their lives to show for their hard work?

How do you change the patterns so that you can actually create massive success?

In this bonus, I'll reveal the secrets and psychology behind the NEW way to create your inner-game so that you can sell more products/services & recruit more teammates without actually "selling" anything!.
Bonus #5 - ($497 VALUE)
The Mr. X Interview (Mr. X Interviews MJ Durkin)
In this secret interview from the vault, Mr. X (we can't tell you his name here) interviews me about WHY new Network-Marketers and Direct Sellers fail...

And how to fix that from the start.

Because you KNOW that the hardest part is signing up new teammates, watching them do it wrong, watching them get discouraged and blowing right out of the business before they've even really started.

This interview took place on a warm fall afternoon in Temecula, CA in the office of Mr. X, himself.

We spent the morning with our wives at a local farmer's market, then headed to a wonderful lunch and finally, back to his house - our wives headed out to the pool and we hunkered down to create this interview which is one of our most famous (and most secretive) training pieces.
  •  The biggest mistake that NEW Network-Marketers make…AND how to do this thing the RIGHT way.
  • A step-by-step walk through of each element of the new Network-Marketer's journey and how to set them up for success
  • How to help someone who has never been in business before, to show them the ways of entrepreneurship.
  •  Strategies to help your new recruit have 3 to 5 successful prospecting calls right away so that they get some “belief” that this can actually work for them!
  •  Why new recruits are vulnerable to negativity from prospects. ***(once you use this amazing technique you won’t lose new people anymore!)***
  •  How to focus yourself and your entire team on recruiting to get into massive momentum before the end of the year!
Bonus #6 - ($197 VALUE)
Sponsoring Secrets (How To Sponsor 3 To 6 Directs In Your Warm Market)
You likely got into this business for 1 of 2 reasons (or maybe both):

1) You wanted to create residual income for yourself and for your family, or

2) You love the products/services that your company provides and you want to turn that passion into a business that makes money, every single day.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could design your dream Network-Marketing business around BOTH of these passions...and have it be wildly profitable in the process?

No matter how long you've spent building your business, until you discover these Sponsoring Secrets, you won't truly see your monthly income begin to snowball.

In this comprehensive training, you will learn my entire process for sparking your business to fan the flames of success and profits so you can watch your business roar to a start and take off!

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Here Are The Other 6 Bonuses That You'll Be Getting For FREE:
When You Invest In The Residual Income Builder, You Will Also Get These 6 Other Bonus Trainings For FREE!
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